Understanding Water Damage Remediation

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Many homeowners understand the role dehumidifiers play in drying out homes or businesses damaged by storms, but probably only a few who really appreciate why dehumidification devices are necessary in water loss recovery. Our trained team at The Jones Companies in Jacksonville/Onslow County can implement containment barriers isolating damp areas of your home to create a space where we can monitor airflow, drying, and structural integrity of the affected areas of your home.

We have machines of different size and types therefore it makes sense that there are different ways that those machines can help in removing water damage. Our technicians can decide which equipment would be best used and necessary for each project, depending on the type of moisture present.


Our team uses air movers to vaporize moisture in materials throughout a home, this vapor suspends as cool air just above the surface of the wall or flooring. These cooler temperatures can slow the drying and restoration process, which makes the abilities of dehumidifiers valuable.


Containment is key to moisture removal practices being more productive. It can also intensify the production of running dehumidifiers. Units are recirculating the same air in an enclosed space, which allows it to dry quicker than if we were to use open-air.

Drying Balance

Establishing the correct balance of dehumidifiers and air movers is just one of the many things The Jones Companies team faces with water mitigation projects. The dehumidifiers can’t keep up if there’s too much evaporation. This is also true about the position and placement of the two to help maintain a balanced drying system. At no point should the amount of moisture drop below the moist air created through evaporation.

We can help, no matter how severe the water damage to your home or business is after a storm. We have dehumidifiers in many sizes and strength to tackle the hardest jobs. Give us a call today at 910-455-9960 if we can help.