How Mold Can Affect You

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Believe it or not, mold growth is common in buildings – including your home. Typically seen around roofs, windows, or pipes, mold prefers a moist environment to grow in. However, mold can also grow on virtually any surface in your home.

The four types of mold that are the most common to find in your home:

  • Alternaria – the mold you’d find in your shower or under your sink.
  • Aspergillus – the mold you’d find on drywall or powdery food items
  • Cladosporium – the mold you’d find on wooden surfaces or fabrics
  • Penicillium – the mold that grows on something that’s been water damaged

Having mold in your home can cause health problems in the short term and long term. If you have allergies, are susceptible to fungal infections, have any sort of lung disease, or are immunocompromised, you’re more likely to be at risk for mold-related health risks. Some of them include:

  • watery eyes
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • itching
  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • difficulty breathing
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • more severe allergic reactions
  • insomnia
  • muscle cramps
  • and more.

How can you keep mold out of your home? Our best recommendations would be to:

  • Control the humidity levels in your home
  • Fix leaking roofs, windows, and pipes quickly
  • Clean and dry surfaces that have been flooded
  • Ventilate areas where moisture is present, specifically near showers, laundry machines, and cooking areas.

Sometimes, you’re able to clean mold off surfaces yourself. Other times, the damage is too severe. Improper cleaning and mold removal can cause it to grow back, leading to cosmetic and structural damage to your home. At The Jones Companies, we’re trained and certified to remove mold efficiently and completely from your home, and we firmly believe that no project is too small. If you’re suffering from a mold problem, call today at 910-455-9960.