Top Causes of Residential Fires

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The holiday season is one of the most popular when it comes to residential fires. We must remember to keep ourselves safe from residential fires as we enter a new year. Here are the top 9 causes of residential fires in the United States.

  1. Appliances and Equipment – washing machines, stoves, heaters, and other household equipment are among the top causes of residential fires. However, of all the appliances in your home, cooking appliances left unattended are most likely to cause a (preventable) fire.
  2. Candles – we’ve all heard to not leave candles lit and unattended. Fires caused by candles are most likely to happen during the winter holiday season. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of residential fires are candles that were lit, left unattended, and ended up burning out of control.
  3. Holiday Decor – speaking of fires during the holiday season… tree lights and other festive, themed decorations are also one of the leading causes of residential fires. If you have a live tree that you improperly water, the hot lights can quickly lead to your tree going up in flames.
  4. Electrical Systems – if you’ve got something plugged into an outlet, there’s potential for it to start a fire. However, this risk is increased if your electrical work is done poorly.
  5. Smoking – falling asleep while smoking is another cause of residential fires. Furniture such as chairs, beds, couches, or whatever else you’re lounging on can quickly catch flames. Be mindful of discarding hot ashes into an ashtray; the flames can reignite and start an otherwise avoidable fire.
  6. Gasses and Chemicals – whether mixing assortments of chemicals in your home or a propane accident, improper use of gasses and chemicals is another common starter of residential fires.
  7. Lightning – yes, like from a thunderstorm. Most commonly, lightning-caused residential fires are started in the summer months. Homes in wooded areas are more at risk because lightning will likely hit a surrounding tree.
  8. Children – children playing with matches, lighters, stovetops, or other dangerous materials inside is another main factor of residential fires. Teach your children about the dangers of fire and how to practice fire safety.
  9. Grills – another fire-starter that’s more popular in the summertime. Grilling can lead to uncontrollable flames if it’s close to dry grass or a gas leak. Make sure to put your grill in a safe area and check for gas leaks before firing it up.

Sometimes, fires are unavoidable, and even if you do everything right, they can quickly get out of control. If you need fire restoration, call The Jones Companies at 910-455-9960 and have trained, experienced professionals to help get your home back in order.