Spots You Find May Be Mold Spores

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Mold spores are everywhere, and most property owners immediately think of a water loss. While water damage is a significant source of our mold removal calls, most clients don’t realize that mold can be found in some surprising spots around your home. Most think mold is in dark, damp spaces and in actuality, mold grows anywhere there is moisture, oxygen and a food source.


Here are 3 areas around your home that may harbor mold in ways you may not have known:


  • Kitchen – Your home’s kitchen is a great place for mold because of all the available food sources and moisture. Mold can take hold without you even noticing. The most common places are inside or behind your refrigerator, under the sink and inside cabinets.  Make sure to inspect these areas to help prevent mold growth.


  • Bathroom – The bathroom seems an obvious place to look for mold. Mold accumulation can be found around the tub and shower, under the sink and around the base of the toilet. Also, check for hidden spores in cleaning supplies like buckets, scrub brushes and towels, especially if stored in a dark place. Even check your unused toothbrushes which can fall prey to mold too.


  • Bedroom – One of the scariest places mold can be found is on and within a mattress. Spores may begin to grow inside the mattress as perspiration sinks into the mattress as you sleep. You can spot clean any detectible mold on the surface, but the inside of your mattress is a different story. Professional assistance from a mattress cleaning company may be needed at this point. You can head off mattress mold by using a properly sized mattress pad or cover.


As you probably already know, mold is a serious hazard to your health and property. Always remember that prevention is your best line of defense! Protect yourself by routinely checking these spots around your house and when it’s too much for you to handle, call The Jones Companies of Jacksonville /Onslow County and surrounding areas. Our professional mold removal and mold remediation team can help!