Commercial Fire Damage? Call Jones Companies!

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The Jones Companies in Jacksonville/Onslow County and surrounding areas has the experience and equipment to restore a fire damaged business quickly. Call us today!

There are many different cleaning methods that can help restore commercial fire damage. When a business is affected by a fire, some losses go beyond the items damaged by the flames. If your place of business is closed for an extended period of time, this could lead to loss of revenue and could possibly lead to lost customers. Cleaning is the main aspect of restoring commercial fire damage. And choosing the right company to help complete the cleaning process faster will help you save time, money, and more property. As a trained professional in the fire restoration industry, The Jones Companies utilizes many cleaning techniques, which include:

  • Immersion Cleaning
  • Spray and Wipe
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Abrasive Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning

More than one of the methods listed above could be required in cleaning a commercial fire. Sometimes it requires us to start with one type of approach and then progress to another, so it helps for both the business owner and professional to keep an open mind. An example of this is when a fire leaves fine dry residue, it is smart to start with a dry-cleaning method before moving toward a wet cleaning method. Our trained technicians at The Jones Companies can use feather dusters, dry cleaning sponges, and dusting cloths to remove light dry debris.

Smoke and soot residue adhere to surfaces such as walls and ceilings, which require extra effort to remove. Wet cleaning can provide better results compared to dry cleaning specifically because the saturation process helps loosen soils. Our team of technicians can use plain water during wet cleaning, but for even better results, they can also add cleaning agents to help break down soils. By using this approach, it is possible to eliminate the need to repaint the walls and ceiling of your business.

There may be a need to clean surfaces without saturating them, especially if there’s soot on an upholstered chair or couch. By wetting the entire item the cleaning process will take longer and could cause complications like shrinking or runny dyes. By using the “spray and wipe” approach, our technicians will avoid such complications and it will help regulate the amount of cleaning devices used. We can also utilize foam cleaning, which applies minimal cleaning solution to items.

A balanced cleaning approach is best for your business if it has suffered from fire damage. Call The Jones Companies in Jacksonville/Onslow County and surrounding areas, we would be happy to help with your fire damage restoration process.