Checking Your Business After a Fire

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Commercial Fire Damage

After a fire, but before fire restoration can begin, you will need to assess the damage of your business. It is vital to get a clear assessment before you can begin to rebuild.


Four Steps to Check and Assess Your Business After a Fire

1. Check the Interior and Exterior of Your Business.

Checking the inside and outside of the building is an important first step. Key support structures could be damaged by the fire which would make it extremely dangerous to enter. After the fire department is finished, make sure you check for:

  • Damaged power, gas and water lines
  • Foundation and wall cracks
  • Roof or foundation sag
  • Damage to chimneys or stairs
  • Critters such as snakes, spiders and rodents

If you see any of these things, call your fire insurance company immediately. They might be able to help.

2.Check Major Systems.

The first major system you need to check is whether the power is on or can be turned on. If you are unsure or see sparks, call a qualified electrician.

Then you should check your plumbing. You will need to do a pressure test even if there are no obvious leaks to make sure that nothing in the walls is leaking. Your pipes can be damaged by both firefighters and fire restoration.

Also, you should check out major machinery for water damage and malfunctions. Water from the fire department can cause major damage, so make sure you check this out in a safe manner.

3. Begin Cleaning.

This is a long and difficult process, and most often requires a professional. Although you can attempt to clean things yourself, many business insurance companies prefer that you hire a professional fire remediation company in your area to handle the restoration.

4. Make a List.

Many people make the mistake of not making a complete list of inventory, equipment and damage.  By keeping a running list, it can help you file your claim faster, as well as help make decisions on smoke cleaning and fire remediation.


Recovering after a fire may seem impossible, but with the proper fire restoration procedure it will go much smoother. Remember to consult with your insurance company and contact the professionals at the Jones Company if you need us.