5 Benefits of Hiring an Expert Water Restoration Company

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Water damage most likely comes as a surprise to homeowners. And the restoration process can be an overwhelming experience, as well as having to deal with filing insurance claims. Working with professionals from a Water Restoration Company will certainly help minimize some of the stress as they help return your home or business back to normal.

Choosing a local and well trusted water damage specialist rather than attempting DIY measures is your best option and The Jones Companies is your trusted water removal and restoration company.


Here are 5 Benefits of Working with a Water Restoration Company:

Return to Your Routine Faster

Water damage can wreak havoc in your home or business as well as your day-to-day routine. By calling a water restoration company right away, the likelihood of a quick drying job increases. The experts respond quickly to extract the water before cleaning, drying and disinfecting the area. Having a team of specialist will help get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Avoid Mold Growth

Typically with water damage comes mold, especially if the moisture is left untreated for some time. Mold spores can start to grow in as little as 48 hours and can be harmful to your health over time. It is best to call the experts to come in for mold mitigation and removal.

Minimize Restoration Expenses

Water is one of nature’s most destructive forces, so by calling a professional for the water cleanup, you are making a smart choice. Our quick response often keeps the destruction and expenses minimal. We not only save your property, but your time and money too.

Specialized Expertise

Many property owners are not familiar with all the causes of water damage and are surprised to learn that there is a science behind our methods and techniques. When you call us at The Jones Companies, we will provide you with a tailored response that meets your unique situation. Our experience and training help us return your property to its original condition.

Insurance Coordination

By working with us, we will provide assistance in filing insurance claims. We document the water losses from beginning to end so that your claim receives the coverage to which you are entitled.


Call the professionals at The Jones Companies in Jacksonville/Onslow County and surrounding areas for expert cleanup and water damage restoration services.